3 Easy Steps to Start Your Collection

1. Select your panel design

2. Add a frame to go with your panel

3. Place your order and get excited, you've just started your collection!

Innovative Frames

Truly one of a kind

With our patent pending SIGNSWAPS system, you can select panels that interchange with our handmade frames.

Imagine the ability to have wall art for all your favorite holidays! Storage is a fraction of the size of traditional wall art. You can add as many panels as you wish for much less cost of traditional wall signs.

They make fantastic gifts that last year round and the possibilities are endless!


Maple Lane Collections was created by our family as a business for all of our kids to be involved with and learn how to run. The SignSwaps* collection was born from a desire for a product we couldn't seem to find in the current market.

We wanted to buy teachers' gifts for all of our beloved educators, administrators and everyone in between who helps care for and teach our children. We also wanted something that could not only be encouraging but practical and useful in the classroom or at home. We searched high and low for exactly what we had in mind but couldn't find what we really wanted, so, we made them ourselves!

Much to our delight the response was overwhelmingly popular! It is so exciting to see all of our 6 children play a role in different aspects of the development.

All of the signs are handmade and we take incredible pride in our craftsmanship. We continue to come up with creative ideas and new products which we can't wait to share! 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do and look forward to hearing from you soon!

- The Gardner Family

*Patent Pending